Survey Results

Having addressed most of the critical needs of the church’s physical plant, the Church Council felt it appropriate to consider the lack of growth in church membership and how it might be reversed.  A Church Vision Committee was established to formulate what actions or changes would fulfill that goal and expand our numbers in the worship and work of Christ.  

In addition to researching the general subject of church growth, the best ways of effecting change, and the ways in which successful churches have grown their membership, they created a survey – Forward in Faith – that would capture among members and friends those aspects of the church and its activities they thought were important, favorable or unfavorable.  Approximately 250 surveys were either mailed or picked up at the church between July and September of 2016.  Some twenty percent were returned, a return ratio that is understood to be better than church surveys usually experience.

The Church Vision Committee delivered its full report to the Church Council on October 18, 2016.  Click here to see the entire report.