The cornerstone of fellowship at First Church is the coffee hour following each Sunday service.  Church members, sharing an important part of their lives, get together and get to know one another better, resulting in friendships and relationships that may last a lifetime.  If an unfamiliar person or couple hasn’t been noticed during worship services, chances are they will stand out during the coffee hour.  And there is no limit to the number of church members who will welcome them, talk with them, mention aspects of the church they find particularly helpful, tell their own stories about their discovery of First Church, and invite them back.

But someone has to prepare for coffee hour — the coffee, tea, and lemonade typically offered and the generous buffet of sweets and other goodies donated each week by church members and friends.  The members working with one another to accomplish this are also experiencing fellowship, just as other church events bring people together working toward a common goal — the fish fries, picnics, festivals, field trips, choir, concerts, Bible studies, prayer shawl ministry, and more.

"There are many things one may do alone. But being a Christian is not one of them!"
                                      – C. S. Lewis

The deacons, stewards of worship in the church, wear special badges at coffee hour as well as during and after worship services so that newcomers feel comfortable addressing them and asking questions about the church.  Newcomers are searching not just for spirituality but also for community, for a purpose in life, for a sense of belonging.

 “There are many things one may do alone, but being a Christian is not one of them!”  Expressing what we hold dear as fellowship, C. S. Lewis coined this Christian fundamental.  Lewis, once a devout atheist, had become by the 1950s the most popular spokesman for Christianity in the English-speaking world.

But fellowship does not stop there.  See Discipleship


"Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
                        Matthew 18:20