Music and song play a powerful role in worship services.  Throughout the bible, scripture refers to the ability of music to stir emotions – from the deepest sorrow to passionate ecstasy, from singing our praises to God to listening while symphonic and choral music lift our spirits and give us strength.  In bible verses, music is portrayed as a gift from God.

The spoken word and organ music are intertwined in church services and the selections are based upon the liturgical year, so they are appropriate to the sermon and other elements of the worship service.  Singing makes members a part of worship – singing to the Lord, singing for joy.  The singing and the organ and choral music amplify our pastors’ messages and give each member of the church the chance to experience a powerful dimension of worshipping in song.

At First Church, we are blessed with an exquisite chancel choir and the beautiful music made by our historic Hook & Hastings tracker pipe organ, built in Boston and installed in Yarmouth Port in 1892. 

It was in that year when Mrs. Azariah Eldridge donated this splendid organ to the church in memory of her husband, Dr. Azariah Eldridge.  There are both wooden and metal pipes in the organ.  The latter are constructed of lead mixed with a lighter metal and and the decorative pipes in the front are coated with a special paint formula.  Over a seven-month period in 2015, the organ was renovated and enlarged by the Andover Organ Company in Methuen, Massachusetts.

In the early days, the organ was pumped by hand by young boys, many of whom signed their names on the walls inside the organ.  The pump handle is on display in the church building.  The organ is now electrified.  Mrs. June Davidson has been an organist of the church since 1984.  She was introduced to the organ in her mid teens and to this day still takes lessons.

Our choir consists of a director, the church organist, and eighteen singers representing all four voice parts. The Chancel Choir sings two anthems at each Sunday service.  On occasion, a soloist or a smaller ensemble from within the larger group performs.  Special music is presented by the choir at the Christmas Eve, Tenebrae, and Easter Sunday services.

In recent years, the Chancel Choir has combined forces with several other Cape churches to present joint performances including the K. Lee Scott “Requiem,” with the choir of St. Mary’s Episcopal Church; several Lenten programs in combination with the choirs of the Chatham Methodist and St. David’s Episcopal churches; and the celebratory anniversary concert at the Dennis Union Church.

The Chancel Choir of the First Congregational Church of Yarmouth is directed by Melodi Southworth, who has been enhancing choir music in our Sunday morning worship services since 2002.  Ms. Southworth developed a love for singing as a young woman after one choir rehearsal. She has acted as a soloist/section leader in many local churches and has sung extensively in community choruses.

First Church is always looking for and will welcome new members for the choir.  Enthusiasm for singing is the primary criterion for joining.




“Sing to the Lord a new song; sing to the Lord, all the earth.” 

                                  Psalm 96:1


Our historic Hook & Hastings organ was built in Boston and installed in Yarmouth Port in 1892.  Mrs. Azariah Eldridge donated it to our church in memory of her husband, Dr. Azariah Eldridge.