Our Worship Service

Worship is, of course, the cornerstone of First Congregational Church, and Pastor Will's message each week is the heart of our Sunday service.

Pastor Will's (and the Bible's!) recurring theme? "Jesus loves you. Yes, you!" Everyone is welcome at First Church! No matter where you are, no matter what you've done, Jesus loves you... and so do we.

In our worship service each week our readings and music reflect the theme of that Sunday's message. Our musicians, soloists, and congregation "Sing to the Lord a new song..." or an old hymn -- usually a mix of both! Organ, piano, guitar, electronic keyboard, recorded music, interactive anthems and more engage the congregation, enliven our service, and sing praise to our Lord.

Though we have temporarily suspended our after-church Fellowship Hour, we invite you to follow this link to get to know a little more about Our Church Family.